Company Culture

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Discover plenty of opportunities for career development in San Antonio, TX

Here at Toyotetsu, you won't feel like just another employee. We prioritize respect, communication and growth for all. As a valued team member here, you'll be part of a diverse team of talented people who care about what they do. Plus, we'll invest in your future by providing opportunities that support higher education and career development.

We're proud to offer competitive pay, excellent benefits and career development programs. Ready to start your manufacturing career at TTTX? Apply online today.

Take a look at our benefits package

When you work for Toyotetsu, you work for a company that values you and your well-being. Our comprehensive benefits package includes...

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • 401(k) with employer match

We'll also provide you with uniforms and steel-toe boots. Best of all, your benefits will start on your first day of employment. Start your manufacturing career with us today.

Building a Company based on "RESPECT FOR PEOPLE" by developing, communicating and unity.

Achieving "Progress" by working with our Team Members to face every challenge, continuously improving, and going and seeing to stand side by side.

Delivering our "3 Firsts" of customer first, safety first and quality first.



Training and promotions.

Communication through digital, television, roundtables and apps.

Treating everyone as equals through inclusion.

Challenging ourselves

Improving Ourselves

Engaging ourselves

Customer First

Safety First

Quality First


We practice a business philosophy which has a foundation of respect for our TEAM MEMBERS by providing training for career development to promote from within. We will be transparent with our means and methods through universal communication. We will build our team with our team through our team.

We will pursue progress by challenging ourselves with greater and greater goals. We will not settle but strive to improve continuously. We will work side by side dealing with all challenges together.

We will work together through these principles to deliver a product our customer desires. We will manufacture these products with the highest of safety standards in the process and the use of our products. We will only manufacture the highest quality products that will open the doors for new customers and satisfaction of current customers.

We will do all this if we all have the TOYOTETSU MIND!